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Please give very careful consideration to the enrollment of your child and be aware of the rules on refunds.

We prefer to enroll children by reference from patrons, former patrons and friends.  It keeps a family type atmosphere that is pleasant for all.  We keep our enrollment small.  We find that it is best for the child and teacher.  We accept other enrollments on a first come, first serve basis.

To enroll in Southwind, a deposit will be required at the time of enrollment, if you are to be a new patron.  When you have a child currently enrolled and it is time to enroll for the next school year, we require a deposit of May's tuition for the following school year, for which you are enrolling in January.  You may ask to pre-date a check for May 1st, if this will help your budget.  If you enroll during the school year, you will pay the current monthly tuition and sign a tuition agreement.  You will then owe tuition through May, and if you are planning to send your child for another year to Southwind, you can pay the deposit for the following year in June.  Tuition is due on the first of each month. 

THERE IS NO REFUND ON DEPOSITS, TUITION OR FEES.  We DO NOT PRO-RATE TUITION.  The first tuition payment for the school year will be due the first day of school in August and will include September tuition as well.  The extra days we go to school in August are FREE.  It is a courtesy for the vacation and possible snow days we use during the school year.  If your child completes the school year and has attended school from August through April, you may use your deposit to pay for the May tuition payment.

All parents are asked to sign a tuition agreement upon enrolling your child.  This agreement is between the school and the parents of the child to be enrolled.  The tuition agreement requires the parents to give the school 30 DAYS NOTICE PRIOR TO THE UPCOMING month that the tuition will be due.  For instance, if you will be moving December 1st, you must notify me BEFORE NOVEMBER 1st, if you intend on removing you child from the school.  This gives us 30 days of time to fill the space and adjust our small budget.

You will not receive any of your May deposit!  We are a very small school with limited enrollment.  We feel our small class sizes are our biggest asset, so our budget can be quite fragile.  The individual attention your child will receive is important so this can make it difficult if our patrons do not respect the tuition and fee policy.  Your consideration will be greatly appreciated!

Other Fees:

We charge a ONE TIME FEE PER YEAR for supplies, (snacks, paper, tissues, crayons, etc.) this payment is due upon enrollment.  If it would be easier on your budget to pay the deposit and half of fees upon enrollment, and split the fee payment in two payments, and pay the balance with the tuition the following month, that will be acceptable, just inform me of your need to do so.  If you are enrolling during the year, we will pro-rate the fee amount.  THERE IS A NO REFUND POLICY ON ALL FEE PAYMENTS. 



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